With about 20,000 brits flying to Uruguay every year, most of them enjoy a trouble-free holiday, but we’ve compiled a short guide to the essentials you will need to ensure everything goes as planned.

There’s plenty of airlines you can fly with but a couple of notable ones are “Thomas Cook,” “Easy Jet” and “British Airlines.”

You can also visit Skyscanner to help you find an affordable flight, and make sure you spend some time on Tripadvisor checking out hotels and restaurants in advance.

While Uruguay is brimming with a rich history, mouth-watering food, and forward-thinking people, it’s important to remember that it is over 14 hours away, so here’s some important information to keep in mind before setting off on your journey.

Book early

Tickets for a flight usually become available 11 months in advance and this generally the best time to look for a bargain. Lowest priced economy-class fares are limited and are usually the first to go, although ideally you want to get a mid-priced flight as 14 hours with a few inches of leg room is torture.
Unless the airport is hit by a terrorist attack or the airline is having a financial crisis, flights get more expensive as departure time approaches.

Flying with a child

Another reason to book early is to guarantee that you’re seated next to your child. Not only will you be constantly worrying about them, but they’re likely to be ticking off whoever they’re placed next to.

Considering the length of this flight you have to get to the airport early and request a bassinet if needed, as it’s first-come first-served.
Make sure to pack any of your child’s favourite toys so they don’t get bored, and avoid sugary sweets and sweet drinks. Again, you don’t want your child kicking an elderly woman in the back.

Colouring books are a good choice, as are any portable gaming devices or video players. Anything that might work to keep them occupied for the lengthy trip.

What should go into my hand luggage?

On most short flights you only need to chuck in a few books and you’re good to go, but with such a distance to travel then there’s a few items you should consider.

If you have trouble getting to sleep when there’s background noise then make sure to invest in a pair of earplugs, and if you really struggle falling asleep on a plane then a handy bottle of eyedrops are a great way to keep fatigue at bay for a bit.

Airplanes aren’t the most cleanly of places, being about as hygienic as a bus or a café.

Which means that the pull-down tray you eat from has probably had a quick wipe in the past day, and that those headphones and pillows that are handed out have likely been in contact with someone else’s head without being washed.

Therefore we wouldn’t blame you for packing your own headphones and sleeping supplies.

It is also a good idea to upload some songs onto your ipod and, if you suffer from easily chapped licks, a tube of lip balm will be invaluable.

And of course, make sure you double check that you have the essentials before leaving the house. It might seem unbelievable but plenty of people turn up at an airport only to realize they’ve forgotten their passports.